Perms & other styling in Bideford Hair Salon

Our range of perming techniques are ideal for injecting your hair with volume and curls. Our perming treatments also offer a solution to retexturising coarse, out of control hair by giving it a softer look. We can create a perm that can add body to fine, limp hair, perms that produce loose waves and give corkscrew curls. A perm can offer versatility in styling as you can change the way you wear your curls to suit any occasion, from loose, natural tresses to a sophisticated swept back look.

We recommend a series of hydrating and nourishing treatments to prepare your hair for a perming treatment. Before you think about perming your hair, you have to ensure that your hair is in good condition. If your hair is dry, damaged or brittle, the results may be disastrous, ranging from a head of tight frizzy curls to an irritated scalp. See our Hair Nourishing and Scalp Care Service.

A perm works best on hair that has not been coloured as the chemicals used are too harsh for coloured or heavily highlighted hair. Our perms are designed to give your hair body, bounce and fullness without the dryness and dehydration generally associated with perming treatments.

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