Pedicures available at Bideford Hair & Beauty Salon

Treat your feet to the ultimate indulgence with our range of relaxing pedicure treatments. Whether you're rushed of your feet, or on them all day, our pedicure treatments will help to soften and soothe tired tootsies, remove and rehydrate dry skin and improve the condition and appearance of nails. Commencing with an aromatic foot soak, feet will be exfoliated to remove any calluses or build up of hard skin on areas such as the heels.

Nails will then be trimmed and shaped to the desired length and cuticles softened, pushed back and removed where necessary. A relaxing foot massage using rehydrating and nourishing foot creams can also be complemented with a warm paraffin treatment to moisturize and relax, or a hot oil treatment to hydrate and condition dry nails and cuticles.

All of our pedicure treatments are complemented with a nail buff and nail paint with the colour of your choice.

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