Specialist beauty treatments and products …

… for cancer sufferers available at Bideford Hair & Beauty Salon


Free Head Shave

When you’re undergoing chemotherapy, having your hair fall out can be a horrible experience. When you’re ready to brave the shave, feel at ease here at Colorseum – we not only offer a free head shave, but also a supportive environment to enjoy a chat with our lovely team.


If you are looking for a beautiful wig after your hair loss, we have a range of solutions to help. We’re always available for an impartial chat about the different options available for you.

Mii Mineral Make-Up

A collection of foundations, blushers, bronzers and eyeshadows all made of 100% pure minerals and a SPF of 25. Containing Amethyst and Quartz to energise the skin. We can offer advice and lessons on the application of Mii make-up.

The Next Step:

Please contact us if you need further advice or have any questions about our services or click here if you would like to book an appointment.

Defiant Beauty Therapies

Defiant Beauty Therapies are a collection of treatments created to be safe for those living with and beyond cancer. Our Therapists are qualified and insured to treat those with cancer, and all treatments can be adapted to suit each individual client, no matter what your needs. So there is no longer any worry about being turned down for much needed me time.

The skincare collections have been created with the help of patients at an NHS cancer centre, women and men who have been through treatment, and their nursing teams.

All the treatments can be adapted to you individual needs, which are discussed within your initial consultation. They are also available to anyone who would like to try them.

All the products in the Defiant Beauty collection and Beyond Beauty collection are:

  • Natural
  • Made from organic ingredients where possible
  • Free from endocrine disruptors
  • Made from minimal ingredients in order to minimise the chance of a reaction
  • Soothing, calming and moisturising

Treatment time can be flexible from 30 minutes to an hour and a half depending on your tolerance.

We are humbled to be able to offer specialist beauty treatments and products for cancer sufferers here at Colorseum.


Sport, Aromatherapy, Hands Free, Swedish or a Combination bespoke to your needs.

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